Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Couch to 5k - Week 4

Haven't posted an update for awhile.  Just wanted to share some thoughts with you on this whole process.

1.  The correct shoes are important.
2.  Good friends to support you are even more important.
3.  Finding a good place to run is a big factor.
4.  I am much stronger mentally than thought I was.
5.  Running is a perfect hobby for a control freak.

Let me elaborate!  I have plantar fasciitis and my feet always hurt.  Finding a good running shoe that fit me well, gave me arch support and wearing orthotics are extremely important.  Walking around in flip flops for a day can undo all your progress!  I am a big fan of for finding shoes.  Free shipping both ways, return anything that doesn't fit right.  No having to go to the mall!

I have always had a big hang up about exercising around other women, especially running.  I haven't ran in front of another girl since high school, and only then because I had to do it for gym class.  I've always HATED running, but had this cool fantasy about being a runner!  In my head, I look great.  In reality, I know better.  HAHA.  I finally got brave enough this week to run with a friend and I am so glad I did it.  She pushed me harder than I ever thought I could go.  I just had this thought in my head that I couldn't stop unless she did, and she didn't.  I am so lucky to have a friend that won't judge me and will support me.

Finding a great place to run is key.  There's a big difference between running on a treadmill and staring at the wall in front of you and a lumpy gravel road that had no shade and too many hills, or a nice shady sidewalk or winding path through town.  I am blessed to live in a town that has an amazing system of trails!  I have a about a mile or so stretch that is fairly flat (I'll get to hills eventually, but right now I am just focused on building up to running a whole 5k) and nice and shady so it really is cooler!  It's also very pretty just to look at, and oh so peaceful.

On my run the other day, I realized that when things got hard in the past, I gave in way too easily because in my heart, I knew I couldn't do it, that I wasn't good enough, whatever.  I was wrong.  I am much tougher and stronger than I ever thought.  Now that I have fully committed to doing this, stopped worrying about what people think of me and just said "I am doing this" I've found that on a run, just take each second.  You can do anything for one more second.

And lastly, I am a HUGE control freak.  Anyone that knows me just snickers.  I am having some issues in my life right now that are completely out of my control.  For a control freak that is the worst feeling ever.  Stressful.  Nightmares.  Blah.  Just awful.  But running helps me feel grounded.  Makes me feel like I've accomplished something.  Makes me feel very much in control.

No matter what you do or why you choose to run, walk or any activity, just get out there and do it!  I'm a little scared for week 5, because the couch to 5k program takes a big leap up this week, but I am going into it with a positive attitude and just going to take it one second at a time!  Praying my feet don't fail me like they have in the past.  *fingers crossed*

Friday, August 9, 2013

Vegas, Baby!

Oh what a fun and crazy week I've had.  I was asked to be a speaker at a conference this last week, and I had SO much fun!  I am so tired now though.   Sitting in the airport waiting to go home.   The clock is moving so slow it's not even funny.

However, I wanted to let you know about my new favorite hotel.  We've stayed at several different hotels in Las Vegas before.  They've all been ok and had things I liked about them, but Planet Hollywood is my new favorite.

From the moment you walk in, it's a fun atmosphere.  Large crystal decorations adorn the lobby and let you know you are somewhere special!  The rooms were very inexpensive, clean and we had a gorgeous view of the Las Vegas strip.  Thanks to previous trips there, and using their players card, Total Rewards, our room was free!

The room was very clean, the bed was comfy, and it was very quiet in the hotel.  We couldn't hear our neighbors at all.  Most importantly, it smelled nice.  Some rooms we've had before in Vegas have smelled bad, or smoked in or just weird air (The Venitian smells disgusting).

The other thing that I loved was the casino.  Very hip, fun, and good music playing!  I didn't get a chance to go to the pool as I was working during the days at a conference, but I've heard it's very nice.

Also, it's located right next to The Miracle Mile shops.  There are tons of wonderful restaurants in there, so you really have a lot of food options.  My husband was in love with the Earl of Sandwich, and I ate at Lobster Me three times.  It was SO good!!!!