Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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And here I am again….

After a long hiatus of foot surgery and months of recuperating and my stupid bones not healing, I am BACK.  Determined to lose this weight once and for all!  Stay tuned!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

How Many Times?

Just how many times can you fall on and off the wagon?  Sheesh.  Time to kick it back into gear.  I just wish it didn't have to be so damn hard all the time....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I have hit a plateau I guess. :( Oh well, it's all good! I had actually hoped to lose ten pounds before vegas, and I lost closer to 15! I am totally happy. I am going to party like a Rockstar in Vegas, and when I get back, and recover for a couple days, LMAO, then I am back at it, but adding weights. I've just been doing cardio this whole time, but I want to add weight lifting back in. I know that will bust me off my plateau!!! I turn the *GASP* big 4-0 in April, and my goal is to be in the 170's by then. That gives me two months to lose about 25 pounds? pretty ambitious, but I think I can do it if I really keep my nose to the grindstone.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Bar Test

So during the last few weeks, I have been so good. No beer, no cheese, no crap. Well, yesterday was sure a test of my strength! Rick wanted to watch the football game at our favorite bar - that has the yummiest greasiest food. Argh! i drank diet pop all day - not a single drop of alcohol. I could have had a couple mixed drinks, but I knew if I did I would say eff it and eat crappy. I ordered a salad. It had turkey, and a little bacon and cheese in it, but not much, mostly lettuce and turkey - no dressing. I did eat a couple of reuben balls, but all things considered, i am pretty proud of myself. We were there for like 8 hours!!!! We played darts most of the time, and while not exactly exercise, I wasn't sitting on my ass the entire time either. It was so hard! The beer smelled so good! UGH! I wish it wasn't so easy to get fat and so hard to get thin.

Taking Cass to the bus stop and then hitting the treadmill! Less than two weeks! WOOHOO!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Plan For The Day!

We had a late start for school due to icy roads so I am feeling all refreshed! 

Yesterday I only did 1/2 an hour and I feel like I ate a lot.  Nothing bad, just more than normal, and that is okay.  I know that it's good to do that occasionally.  SO, today, I am going to confuse my body and try to stay way on the lower end of calories, and I am aiming for 8 miles on the treadmill.

I had a protein shake for breakfast, will probably have some tuna and tomatoes and blueberries for lunch, then a protein shake after exercising, and I am making turkey breast and green beans for supper. 

What's your plan for today?  I know I need to drink more water today.  I didn't drink enough yesterday and I feel crappy today.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Goal Setting

I am amazed at how much more motivated I am with a short term goal ahead of me. Vague things like "summer is coming" just don't work for me. Fall of 08 I was super motivated for my Vegas trip then, and then I had Florida in March, and those two really kept me on track. After I got back from Florida and broke my damn foot, I lost all motivation, but I also didn't have a short term goal to look forward to or motivate me.

I have Vegas coming in less than three weeks, and that is keeping me cranked. In April, I hit the 4-0, and I told myself I'd be totally hot by my birthday! Then, Rick and I bought Nickelback tix for the end of May, and I do NOT want to be the fat old 40 year old at the concert. I want to be the hot wife. LOL! Then there is August around the corner, and I want those of you that haven't seen me all year to absolutely not recognize me!

I am also setting up some short term "treat" goals for myself. My one for working so hard before Vegas, is that Rick and I are getting massages at the hotel spa. I cannot wait!!!

I think after I get back, I will set up some short term goals for every 5 pounds I lose!

Checking in!

I didn't work out Thursday or Sunday, but Friday and Monday I really kicked butt.  Thursday was a planned skip - rest day, Sunday was a "OMG, I haven't been this hungover in years, I hope I don't throw up in church" kind of day.  It was horrible!!!  Friday I was a ball of energy and did two workouts!  Monday, I did an hour and a half on the treadmill, came upstairs and THEN remembered I do a paper route with Conor on Mondays.  LOL!  Opps. 

As for food, (except for the alcohol Sat night) I was a complete angel.  Mostly low carb. I've been eating lean protein, veggies, NO cheese.  I haven't had cheese, my favorite thing since I started.  That's huge for me.  I also haven't had sugar or bad carbs, and I haven't had beer at all...  I have been so good about taking all my vitamins lately and that really helps.  We are coming up on two weeks into my personal challenge on Thursday, and I am confident I will be able to pass the first guess (Promom I think?) by then.  I am really pumped about that. 

My plan for today 2 workouts.  Treadmill this morning, then while Cassidy is at dance later, I think I will pop in the YMCA and claim a stairmaster for an hour or so.

How is everyone else doing?  What's your plan for the day?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Check In

How is everyone doing?  I had a great week fueled by sheer willpower.  I want to wear that dress so bad.   LOL!  I lost 6.6 pounds since Thursday.  Gotta love that first week.  If only they were all like that!  So, what have I been doing?

Vitamins and supplements.  A lot.  A daily multi, calcium, fish oil supplements, vitamin e, magnesium, vitamin d, extra fiber and a few other things.  All recomended in JIllian's book.  I take them at three different times during the day.  One of these days I will write down in detail everything I take!

Breakfast - either Fage yogurt and honey or Muscle Milk and 2 cups of green tea with Stevia.

Lunch - lean protein (tuna, turkey, crab, shrimp, something like that) and 1 oz of nuts.  Unlimited veggies (spinach and cherry tomatoes is my fav - NO DRESSING)

Snack - fruit (berries, apple or orange :) and a little protein shake (like 1/2 cup)

Post workout (depending on time of day - wherever it falls.  I have been trying to work out at different times (morning and afternoon) to confuse my body, but right after I work out, I have a bottle of muscle milk)

Supper - VERY LIGHT!  Some protein (shrimp, salmon, turkey, etc), a fruit and unlimited veggies.

Gobs of water during the day.  I also like Lifewater 0 Calories and Fuze.  Decafe tea in the evenings.  I like Nighty Night and Throat Coat.  I always drink Throat Coat when I am sick, but it tastes too good to save it for that.  LOL!

I know, it's very low carb.  It's working for me.  It's not like I am eating like this forever.  No sugar.  No cheese.  No crap food AT ALL.  I even gave up beer.  Those of you that REALLY know me know how HUGE that is.

Yesterday I exercised right away in the morning, but today I am doing mid - day (again, effort to confuse my body) and I am doing different things each day too..  Yesterday, I walked on the treadmill, today I am doing stairmaster at the Y and going to swim laps after - hopefully, have to check pool schedule! 

Anyway, just checking in!  Let me know what's working for you and what your plan is for today!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Back on the Wagon...

Or treadmill as the case may be.  I work well under pressure.  Not sure why.  I wish I could just live a healthy lifestyle all year round, but I don't.  So, now I have a small vacation planned, and like every woman that ever lived, I want to lose a few pounds before I go.

So, I have 28 days.  I have a little competition going with my friends to see just how much I can lose at crunch time.  If the folks on Biggest Loser can lose 5-10-15-20 or more pounds a week, why can't I?  It will just take major dedication and will power.  Great, I have neither usually.  But, I do have Tadashi.  My one indulgence in my closet.  It's this wonderful dress that makes me feel like a billion dollars.  And right now?  It's too tight.  So, that's my motivation!  

Here's the dress!  I wore this in December of 2008 when we went to Vegas.  I've gained about 20 lbs since then.  (argh).  And I am off to the treadmill!