Thursday, February 10, 2011

5 pounds!

YAY!  The bodybugg system is really working for me.  It's like having a conscience sitting on your arm!  The strap isn't enough to irritate me, but it's a gentle reminder that, "Hey, you spent $200 on this thing, do something with it."  HA!

It's been a little over 2 weeks now, and I am down five pounds.  I am very happy with that!  I really am liking the food logging more and more.  I had forgotten how good it feels to be back in control of my eating and my life!  

I cannot recommend this system enough!  I was also reading that since The Biggest Loser started using the bodybugg in season 4, all the winners since then have been the ones who used their bodybugg the most and logged their food the most.  The simple science of it is so awesome!  Calories in vs calories out.  

Ok peeps, have to go up my burn for the day.  Off to hit the treadmill.  I think I shall celebrate my 5lb victory with a pedicure tonight.  Whoop whoop!!!

Love ya!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

bodybugg Update!!!

OOOOOOOOOOOO!  It comes with a free coaching session by phone and I had mine today.  Okay, so she sounded like a cross between a lifeguard from Baywatch and a smurf on meth, but she was REALLY smart.  

She cleared up and explained all of my technical issues.  She showed me several things on the website that I didnt understand before.  And she had tons of useful info.  

It was AWESOME.  I am 10 times more happy with my bodybugg than I was yesterday and would now REALLY recommend it to anyone.  If any of you do decide to get one, let me know!  I would totally help you use it and show you stuff.  

The instructions that come with it aren't the best, but the device itself ROCKS!  I would recommend it totally!!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Walk, Walk, Walk...

I did my five miles today - takes me about 90 minutes. Ugh. My everything hurts. I have been trying to do five miles every day I don't have a party gals party. I really wish I had one tomorrow, but I don't, LMAO.

I haven't worked out for over a year, and my body is just shot. Back to square one again? FML.

bodybugg Review - It's Good and Ehh…..

Okay, let me start by saying that I love and hate it. LOL. I am a techie geek and it has serious issues that irritate me, but it is an awesome tool. The last time I was honestly really on track was 2 years ago before I went to Florida, and then last year for just a couple months before Vegas. After having that foot surgery gone bad last spring, I have been just a mess. Gained back almost everything I'd lost and no motivation to boot.

Just two weeks ago I FINALLY got a clear xray saying the bone is healed. I still am having some issues with nerve problems, but they aren't going to get better, so I fight through it. Oh well.

I needed something to help me out. I was frustrated with my heart rate monitor, because it said I was burning like 4000 calories a day, and I obviously was not. I did a little research on the body bugg. I figured if they use it on Biggest Loser, but NEVER really talk about it, wth? It must be good? But why not sell them by talking about them?

I now know it's because they still have MAJOR technical issues. BUT, still cool.

Here's how it works. You wear the armband all the time except for showering or swimming. It can't get wet. You can take it off when you sleep, but I have been leaving mine on some nights just to get a good baseline. You can tell the nights I wake up with bad dreams! (more on this later) You have to log all of your food. The program keeps track of calories consumed, calories burned (supposedly 90% accurate - best in the industry) steps taken and "activity".

I have the one that hooks with a smart phone. I have a program on my Android phone that I can hook into the arm band via bluetooth. There are some technical issues and it drives me crazy sometimes. Unless you are a total tech geek, you would throw this thing out the window. I have had to pair and unpair it about 50 times, and sometimes the screen updates, sometimes not. UGH. You can also usb it into the computer, and sometimes that works….sometimes not. Some readings are goofy. Like the first day, it said I had 1 hour of activity, and one day it said I had 17 hours of activity?

I am not in love with the food logging system, it's not super user friendly. But, with all that being said, I do like it. It does make me more aware of what I am burning and what I am eating. On average, (I've only had it a week), I burn about 2600-2900 calories a day. I've been a nerd about calorie counting and weighing food in the past, and so I have a good idea of what I take in, and it was way more than that these last few months. Ergo, chubbbbbs! LOL.

So, hopefully this will keep me on track. I am not hard core working out, but I am trying to hit the treadmill for 90 minutes walking on every day that I don't work (party gals). Lost almost 4 lbs in the first week just from being more aware, so I am really happy about that.

Not so happy that you can have one bad night with pizza and gain five, but a week of exercise and good food 4lbs though? HAHAH.

If anyone has any questions just holler!!! I included a link to amazon below with the bugg and a Myotape, which I HIGHLY recommend. It is a wonderful measuring tape for taking your measurements that makes it much easier to do. You need one of these as you do take measurements and weight with the bodybugg system.