Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Day After....

I did my first P90X workout yesterday.

Enjoyed it? No, I think not. I am enjoying it even less this morning. I ache in places I can't even see. Ugh.

I haven't done a workout for about 4 months, so I am literally starting over. I know the body aches will take a week or so to go away, I just have to make it through them.

A lot of the moves, actually, most of them, I had already done. I knew our boot camp instructor was a P90X fan, but now I know just how much!

There are many different ways you can do P90X. Classic, Doubles (yes, that sounds like what it says) and Lean. I am doing lean. It doesn't mean P90X light, it's for people like me with more fat to burn, and it has a little more cardio than the regular one.

It is a different workout every day for the first three weeks, then you have a change-up/rest week (not rest, rest, just different exercises to rest muscles) , then it changes again for the next 3 weeks, then another rest week, then another 2 week intensity, another 2 week intensity, then week 13 concludes with a recovery week.

What sold me on this system was the whole muscle confusion. When you do the same stuff over and over, your body gets used to it. Especially my body. My body likes it's padding and does not give it up willingly! This routine changes things so much that it confuses your body. I have talked to many people that have actually done this (not just seem them on infomercials) and all had awesome results. I don't mean some had good results, I mean all had glowing testimonies of amazing weight loss and bodies changing. Several people I know from high school did it before our 20 year reunion, and I know a few people in town, and a few people at our YMCA. Everyone agrees it is horrible, hard, grueling, etc. but I am convinced that is the only way to get to what I want to look like. I have finally realized there is no other way!

Here's what's on tap this week:

Yesterday I did this thing called core synergistics. It was 1 hour of evil. Lots of lunges, push-ups, that sort of thing to wake you up and move your large muscles mass chest through thighs.

Today is a cardio session.
Tomorrow is Shoulders and Arms & Abs
Thursday is Yoga! YAY! I love yoga, but this is scary yoga...LOL
Friday is Legs, Back and Abs again
Saturday is Kenpo (it's a karate/self defense type workout with lots of kicking and stuff)
And Sunday, OMG, I can't wait for Sunday...that is the day you can either skip or there is a stretch DVD. I will do the stretch!

I do this for three weeks in a row, then I have a rest/recovery week like this:

Then next 3 weeks it goes:
Mon : Core
Tues: Cardio
Wed: Chest shoulders & triceps & abs
Thurs: Yoga
Fri: Legs & Back & abs
Saturday: Kenpo
Sun: Stretch

I do that for 3 weeks, then do the same "rest" week as above,

Then weeks 9 & 11 I do
Mon:Chest and Back & Abs
Wed:Shoulders & Arms

Weeks 10 & 13 I do:
Mon:Chest, Shoulders & Triceps
Wed:Back & Biceps & abs
Sun Stretch

Then the final week 13 I do the recovery week again.

There are actually a couple more dvd's that you don't even do in lean. If I have good results I am going to go back and do the classic after I am done with this one. I am tired of "wanting to be hot" and with you all as my witnesses, I am GOING TO BE HOT!!!!!

Now if my Advil would kick in, I could go actually do my cardio for today....

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