Monday, September 14, 2009

I Passed the Fit Test

WOW! The P90X fit test alone is a great workout! I did pretty good for a fat out of shape almost 40 year old!


Pull-ups: Okay, so this one sucked. I've never been able to do a pull up in my whole life, and today was no exception! LOL It says females should be able to do one however, many people can't do any when starting, so I am okay with that!

Vertical leap: Sys minimum of 3 for a female, and I got 6. YAY ME!

Push-ups: Not my favorite for sure, but it said a minimum of 3 real push-ups for a female, and I did 8 Not sissy on my knees either!

Toe-touch: Not really fair as I am freakishly flexible. Basically, you sit down and put your legs straight out and try to bend over and touch your toes. You should be no more than 6 inches away. I was 4.5 inches PAST my toes.

Wall squats: Oh joy! Minimum of one minute. After 1:45 I started to slide so I gave in to the burn and stopped!

Bicep Curls: Minimum of 10 curls with 8lbs for a female. Hmmmm. I did 25 with 10lbs. I rock!

In & Outs: You sit on the floor and pull your knees up to your chest and then straighten them and pull them back without toughing the ground. I did 40 and then my back started to hurt. It says minimum of 25.

Then there was a heart rate maximizer doing 2 minutes of jumping jacks, with the last 30 seconds being totally all out. The plan is if you don't die during the two minutes, you pass! YAY ME! I am alive!!!!

So, I guess I passed the test. Tomorrow will be my first full day of using their nutrition plan and workouts. Until today I was still debating between doing the P90X classic or the P90XLean. I am (no pun intended) leaning towards the lean because I have more fat to lose, and that is a bigger concern for me right now. It is just a more cardio based and less weight intensive program. My first workout tomorrow witll be the Core Synergistics workout. I am starting to get less "blah" about this and more excited. I need to bring it to see results, so I might as well really let myself go crazy with this!!!

Bring it, baby!!

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