Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beginning to Exercise Again!

Beginning to exercise again.  I have a love hate relationship with exercise.  Once I "get into it", you know, begin a routine, do it every day, and start to see results, then of course I love it.  It's getting to that seeing results part that sucks.  Last spring, I was down to my lowest weight in almost 10 years.  I was at 177.  Then I broke my damn foot.  I know, excuses, excuses, blah blah blah.  I keep thinking, "Where would I be if I hadn't broken my foot?  Where would I be if I still broke my foot but kept my eating on track?"  Ah, there is no easy answers, only today that I can move on and keep trying.

I have been a little nervous to start exercising again since I started taking phentermine just because I have heard that so many people have troubles with rapid pulse, etc.  I have been feeling great since I took it.  I wired up my heart rate monitor and hit the treadmill.  I know, treadmills are sort of boring, but I have a special treadmill treat!  I am not a huge tv fan, but there are a few shows I like.  Most are cop shows I watch with my husband.  My guilt pleasure, shhhhh, don't tell anyone, is Desperate Housewhores.  I mean Desperate Housewives.  HAHAHA!  I love that show!  Watching those gorgeous skinny women keeps me chugging along like you wouldn't believe!  I have the first few seasons on DVD and I am into season 3 now.  I NEVER let myself watch it on tv, never seen it once, and I can ONLY watch it on the treadmill.  

Anyway, back to starting with phen again!  I found that I had to be VERY careful or my heart rate went way too high.  According to all the date I put into my heart rate monitor (height, weight, age, and a resting heart rate test) my absolute maximum heart rate should be 181 BPM (beats per minute).  To lose weight, I should be exercising a minimum of 6 hours a week.  My heart rate monitor works with three zones.  Zone 1 is 109-126 BPM, Zone 2 is 127-144 BPM and Zone 3 is 145-163 BPM.  I should spend a little more than half of my time in Zone 2, and the rest in Zone 1.  Right now, to lose weight, I should avoid Zone 3.  Normally, a nice brisk 4.0 MPH (miles per hour) on the treadmill keeps me right at the upper end of Zone 2.  Now, with taking the phentermine, I need to stay under 3MPH to keep my heart rate there.  Interesting, and concerns me a bit, but I kept it down.  I was surprised because I really don't think my pulse had increased with taking the phen, but it's a common side effect that I am keeping a very close eye on!  I HIGHLY recommend a heart rate monitor to anyone taking phentermine.  Very useful tool to keep a close eye on your health.

So, I walked on my treadmill yesterday, and Conor (my middle son) and I did his paper route this morning.  40 minutes, 404 calories!  WOOHOO!  I know my heart rate was in Zone 3 for a lot of it because there are a couple big hills on our route.  It feels good to be on track again.  I am hoping that I will once again start going to the YMCA after Thanksgiving.  I know when I get into the routine of going there every day, I succeed so much faster.  Anyway, I decided I would start logging in all my HRM stats on a Facebook photo album, and anyone that wants to peek at them can see them here:
I just take a photo with my cell phone and upload it straight to Facebook when I am done exercising.  Gives me a nice record of what I did!  And keeps me accountable!

I do not want to be on the phentermine forever.  I am only using it temporarily to get my eating back under control. I am trying to use this time to work again on portion control and getting back into my good exercise habits!  My weight has gone up and down this week, but I really am not sure I lost anything.  My friend and I are doing Wednesday weigh ins, so I will try to check in here then!

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