Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cleaning Up My Act

I know that this phentermine is not a magic pill. Oh, wouldn't that be great if it were? LOL! But, I know it's not. I know that I need to clean up my act. I need to clean up my eating. I need to clean up my alcohol consumption. I need to clean up my refrigerator. I need to clean up my pantry. I am not going to talk about exercise here. Of course I need to do that, but I can't conquer it all in a day or I will fall.

Hell, for all I know, this pill is a placebo, but it's giving me the desire to get it together, and that's huge for me. I don't know why I have been so lazy, helpless, falling into my old habits as I always have. I think I know, but it's too emotional and heart wrenching to even think about, much less write for the world to see, but let me just say, we all have issues, right?

Anyway, this week I cleaned out my fridge. I filled it with a rainbow of things. Lots of berries, fresh veggies, eggs, lean turkey, apples, Fage yogurt and got rid of the junk. You know, junk. Low fat cheese (the low fat stuff is filled with so many preservatives and chemicals that it not only tastes bad, it's horrible for you!) I've been doing a lot of reading on nutrition.... (HERE'S MY SHOUT OUT TO MY AWESOME FRIEND MECHELLE WHO BOUGHT ME THE BOOK "Master Your Metabolism" By Jillian Michaels. This book is a wonderful resource on what not to eat and what to eat. Thanks again, Mechelle for being the wonderful friend and inspiration that you are in my life!!!!)

So, as I was saying, I've been reading a lot about nutrition and it boils down to the stuff that I already know, but I love how simply Jillian Michaels puts it, "If it grows from the ground or has a mother, it's probably good for you." I know that when I cut out processed foods full of chemicals and go back to eating 100% whole grains, organic foods when possible, fresh fruits and veggies and eggs and lean meat, especially lots of fish, I lose weight insanely quick. So here I am again!

I also started taking my vitamins again! When I am "on my game" I take several supplements daily. Trying to get my body back in whack and cutting calories is good, but I will take any help I can. I really hate taking supplements, but I know that when I do, I feel better, sleep better, my skin looks better and they help my over all health. My skin has been just horrible lately. I am almost 40 and I look like a 16 year old boy! UGH! I take a wide range of supplements including a multivitamin, a fish oil supplement, calcium and extra fiber. I have one of those neato pillboxes that you fill up for the week. I feel like my mom, but at least mine is full of vitamins, while hers was full of prescriptions that were all somehow related to her obesity. (Diabetes, heart medicines, etc.)

So, I am feeling good today! I haven't experienced any negative side effects from the phen yet, so that is a big bonus :) I am also logging my food again. I highly recommend the program from I love it! It has a wide base of foods, but also lets me add my own custom foods, and keeps track of my weight, measurements, goals and more.

Signing off for now, but as always, there is hope ahead. My wish is that you see that hope, cling to it and make a change for the better for you today!

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