Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Checking in!

I didn't work out Thursday or Sunday, but Friday and Monday I really kicked butt.  Thursday was a planned skip - rest day, Sunday was a "OMG, I haven't been this hungover in years, I hope I don't throw up in church" kind of day.  It was horrible!!!  Friday I was a ball of energy and did two workouts!  Monday, I did an hour and a half on the treadmill, came upstairs and THEN remembered I do a paper route with Conor on Mondays.  LOL!  Opps. 

As for food, (except for the alcohol Sat night) I was a complete angel.  Mostly low carb. I've been eating lean protein, veggies, NO cheese.  I haven't had cheese, my favorite thing since I started.  That's huge for me.  I also haven't had sugar or bad carbs, and I haven't had beer at all...  I have been so good about taking all my vitamins lately and that really helps.  We are coming up on two weeks into my personal challenge on Thursday, and I am confident I will be able to pass the first guess (Promom I think?) by then.  I am really pumped about that. 

My plan for today 2 workouts.  Treadmill this morning, then while Cassidy is at dance later, I think I will pop in the YMCA and claim a stairmaster for an hour or so.

How is everyone else doing?  What's your plan for the day?

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