Monday, January 25, 2010

The Bar Test

So during the last few weeks, I have been so good. No beer, no cheese, no crap. Well, yesterday was sure a test of my strength! Rick wanted to watch the football game at our favorite bar - that has the yummiest greasiest food. Argh! i drank diet pop all day - not a single drop of alcohol. I could have had a couple mixed drinks, but I knew if I did I would say eff it and eat crappy. I ordered a salad. It had turkey, and a little bacon and cheese in it, but not much, mostly lettuce and turkey - no dressing. I did eat a couple of reuben balls, but all things considered, i am pretty proud of myself. We were there for like 8 hours!!!! We played darts most of the time, and while not exactly exercise, I wasn't sitting on my ass the entire time either. It was so hard! The beer smelled so good! UGH! I wish it wasn't so easy to get fat and so hard to get thin.

Taking Cass to the bus stop and then hitting the treadmill! Less than two weeks! WOOHOO!!

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