Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Check In

How is everyone doing?  I had a great week fueled by sheer willpower.  I want to wear that dress so bad.   LOL!  I lost 6.6 pounds since Thursday.  Gotta love that first week.  If only they were all like that!  So, what have I been doing?

Vitamins and supplements.  A lot.  A daily multi, calcium, fish oil supplements, vitamin e, magnesium, vitamin d, extra fiber and a few other things.  All recomended in JIllian's book.  I take them at three different times during the day.  One of these days I will write down in detail everything I take!

Breakfast - either Fage yogurt and honey or Muscle Milk and 2 cups of green tea with Stevia.

Lunch - lean protein (tuna, turkey, crab, shrimp, something like that) and 1 oz of nuts.  Unlimited veggies (spinach and cherry tomatoes is my fav - NO DRESSING)

Snack - fruit (berries, apple or orange :) and a little protein shake (like 1/2 cup)

Post workout (depending on time of day - wherever it falls.  I have been trying to work out at different times (morning and afternoon) to confuse my body, but right after I work out, I have a bottle of muscle milk)

Supper - VERY LIGHT!  Some protein (shrimp, salmon, turkey, etc), a fruit and unlimited veggies.

Gobs of water during the day.  I also like Lifewater 0 Calories and Fuze.  Decafe tea in the evenings.  I like Nighty Night and Throat Coat.  I always drink Throat Coat when I am sick, but it tastes too good to save it for that.  LOL!

I know, it's very low carb.  It's working for me.  It's not like I am eating like this forever.  No sugar.  No cheese.  No crap food AT ALL.  I even gave up beer.  Those of you that REALLY know me know how HUGE that is.

Yesterday I exercised right away in the morning, but today I am doing mid - day (again, effort to confuse my body) and I am doing different things each day too..  Yesterday, I walked on the treadmill, today I am doing stairmaster at the Y and going to swim laps after - hopefully, have to check pool schedule! 

Anyway, just checking in!  Let me know what's working for you and what your plan is for today!

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