Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Goal Setting

I am amazed at how much more motivated I am with a short term goal ahead of me. Vague things like "summer is coming" just don't work for me. Fall of 08 I was super motivated for my Vegas trip then, and then I had Florida in March, and those two really kept me on track. After I got back from Florida and broke my damn foot, I lost all motivation, but I also didn't have a short term goal to look forward to or motivate me.

I have Vegas coming in less than three weeks, and that is keeping me cranked. In April, I hit the 4-0, and I told myself I'd be totally hot by my birthday! Then, Rick and I bought Nickelback tix for the end of May, and I do NOT want to be the fat old 40 year old at the concert. I want to be the hot wife. LOL! Then there is August around the corner, and I want those of you that haven't seen me all year to absolutely not recognize me!

I am also setting up some short term "treat" goals for myself. My one for working so hard before Vegas, is that Rick and I are getting massages at the hotel spa. I cannot wait!!!

I think after I get back, I will set up some short term goals for every 5 pounds I lose!

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