Thursday, July 18, 2013

Couch to 5K Here We Go!!!!!

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Well, what have I done?  LOL!  I am NOT a runner.  I'd LOVE to be a runner, I just hate running, with a passion.  However, one of my best friends in the entire world lives, give or take, 1500 miles away.  I am in Minnesota, she's in Arizona.  She's been on a very amazing healthy journey the last few years, amazing me every step of the way.  Her determination and drive is VERY inspiring!  However, she's never done a 5k.  One challenge she's always wanted to do, but never done.

She told me if I train with her, online, via the Couch to 5K app we found, she will fly out here in October and we will do our very first 5k together.  How in the heck could I say no?  I always have tons of excuses NOT to exercise - finally I have a very good, very accountable reason.  Since bringing it up, my husband and daughter and several friends have said they will too!  I am so excited to know I am not doing this alone!

I went out today and walked for a mile and a half.  Not a lot, but it's a start!  Look out running, here I come!!!

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